people like to harp on about how “film is dead”, that its usefulness has run its course and been replaced entirely by a newer and more convenient medium. we think that’s nonsense. painting isn’t dead just because we don’t need every portrait done in oil, it’s simply taken on a new form. the same is true for analogue photography – it is a medium all to itself, closely related to digital photography but absolutely distinct.

there is a lot that goes into a film photograph, and we’re here to help you through every step of the process. from picking out a camera to understanding exposure; from choosing a type of film to developing, scanning, and finally printing and framing your work. we have a rentable studio and darkroom and offer tutoring, workshops, and classes. we’ve partnered with the lomographic society as allies in the new analogue movement, raising film from its early grave and breathing new life into it through innovative and creative products and projects that remind us of why film will never die – because we love it, and always will.